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Best Auto Repair, Farmington

31690 Grand River Ave Farmington, MI 48336

You can schedule maintenance, you can't schedule a break down.
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KING'S GARAGE F.A.Q., Farmington, MI

Why is my check engine light on? The short answer is there is likely something wrong or failing on one of the vehicle's systems. The longer answer is that one of the computers or modules in the vehicle has detected a problem and has turned on the warning light.

I went to (insert auto parts store here), they read my check engine light codes and told me I need (doohickey), will that fix my problem? Ok, I get asked this one quite a bit. The answer is, sometimes, but not terribly likely. Parts stores sell parts. If they want to diagnose and repair vehicles, open a shop, hire certified technicians and give it a go! Also, for some reason, they tend to sell brands that are being pushed from on high, not necessarily the correct brand for your vehicle (yes, the brand matters).

Is it safe to drive with my check engine light on? Yes, no...maybe. That greatly depends on why the light is on in the first place. If your check engine light is yellow or orange, the answer is yes, most likely it will be safe to at least get it to our facility for further assistance. If the check engine light is flashing the engine is misfiring (not firing on all cylinders) and depending on how many cylinders are affected, it may make driving difficult. If the check engine light is red, you need to pull over as soon as it is safe to do so and shut off the engine. A red check engine light is a very serious problem, such as loss of oil pressure, which can cause complete engine failure.

When should I call for a tow instead of trying to drive the vehicle to your shop? This is an easy one! If the check engine light is red, there is a major failure of the suspension or steering, or even if you just don't feel comfortable driving it. It's just that simple folks. I cannot stress this enough; a tow bill is pocket change next to replacing an engine or risking injury.

Do you charge to diagnose? YES! Please allow me to explain why. Some problems are obvious, like a broken tie rod or ball joint, these are things that anyone can see just by looking at the vehicle (and knowing what they are looking for). Other problems, such as drivability (such as a misfire, or stalling issue), electrical (such as all the lights being out at once) and many other issues, require someone with intimate knowledge of vehicle systems and years of diagnosing experience to correctly identify problems in a quick and efficient manner. In many cases a correct diagnosis will save you money. Any diagnostic fees are all part of the proper repair and are included, except in a very few cases, in the labor that we charge for the work performed.

I can get my check engine light read for free at (insert auto parts store here), why should I pay you to do so? We will also read the codes on a check engine light for free. To find the cause of and make sense of the information garnered from that reading, will require a proper diagnosis.

Should I repair my vehicle, or get a new/used one to replace it? Great question! This answer is going to be different for every situation. There is no easy answer here, everyone's situation is different. If you would like a new vehicle and have the means to do so, then by all means, enjoy that vehicle! Another reason for getting another vehicle might have to do with need, rather than want. In other words, your current vehicle is no longer suitable for driving, either due to safety concerns or large repair, like an engine or transmission. Keep in mind that if the vehicle is safe, it is going to generally be better to repair your current vehicle than purchasing a new one.

If I buy and bring in my own parts, will you install them? Nope! There are many reasons for this, not the least of which is that our insurance company practically had kittens when we asked about it. Here's another reason; what if the part that you brought us is incorrect of bad right out of the box? Are you willing to pay for our bay time while your vehicle sits there, immobile, why you track down another or correct part? Of course not! If we purchase the part, we take that liability from you, we also give you a nice nationwide warranty!

Do you have a vehicle I can use while mine is being repaired? Sadly, this is something that is incredibly difficult for a shop to offer. Instead we have worked out a deal with the local Enterprise (248.426.1448), on Grand River Ave, about 3 miles away from us. They will even come pick you up here at the shop! Be sure to mention that we have a special rate for King's Garage customers!

Do you provide towing? We do not provide towing service. We use Hadley's Towing, you can reach them at 248.471.5763. You will not likely find a more professional and friendly bunch of folks anywhere.

Do you have a shuttle service? Absolutely! We are more than happy to provide rides in the general area to any of our customers. Whether it is just back to the house, to work, or even down to Starbucks for some very expensive coffee, we're happy to assist! As a note, we have free coffee here.

What kind of work or services do you perform? We provide diagnostic, mechanical repair and maintenance services. Some examples include heating and cooling, drivetrain, suspension, steering, electrical and exhaust. We do not do any tires, alignment, body or collision work. We do not install any car audio, alarms or remote start units.

I have a Cadillac with a failed CUE screen and I refuse to pay what the dealer wants to repair it. My friend I have great news! We are able to repair many of these for a fraction of the cost (about $500.00+tax as of this writing) of a dealer repair or replacement!

Do you work on heavier duty trucks or vans? Not really, we can't lift any vehicle with a curb weight over 7000 lbs. That includes some, but not all Ford F250/F350+, GM 2500/3500+ and Ram 2500/3500+, this also includes some of the import variants of HD trucks. If the vehicle does not have to be lifted and weather permitted, if we can't fit it inside, then we take each vehicle on a case by case basis. Call us to inquire about yours if you have any questions.

What is your warranty? We have a nationwide, 2 year/24,000 mile warranty on nearly everything we do. There are some exceptions, they will be noted on your invoice. Commercial vehicles have a reduced warranty due to excessive wear and tear on such vehicles, although there may be cases in which we will warranty parts past that time.

Can I just bring my vehicle in at any time? Absolutely! We offer night drop and during business hours, we offer rides.

Do you have specific appointment times? Not really. We are a 4 bay shop, this makes scheduling complicated. We suggest leaving the vehicle with us for the day, if possible. If that isn't in the cards, we will work with you as much as possible to ensure that you get the repairs or services you need.

Where are you located? We are located at 31690 Grand River Ave, Farmington MI, 48336. We are just 2 blocks west of Orchard Lake, right next to Credit Union One.

How can I contact you? You are more than welcome to call us at 248.476.5454 or stop in anytime we are open. We also offer an appointment request right here on the website, just click here.

How long have you been in business? We have been in business since 1975, but in this location since 1981.

What forms of payment do you take? We accept cash, checks, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

Do you provide financing? We offer 6 months same as cash through C.F.N.A. This requires a credit check, please stop in and we can get the process started!



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By far the BEST service repair shop! Finding an honest repair shop is hard to find now a days believe me because I have experienced this. This shop is honest and they stand behind their work. I will not go to any other repair shop.
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