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Best Auto Repair, Farmington

31690 Grand River Ave Farmington, MI 48336

You can schedule maintenance, you can't schedule a break down.
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Garage Talk with Chris Willis, Service Writer/Service Manager

Looking for a new vehicle?

A frank discussion on depreciation.

Your trusted vehicle of many years and even more memories has guzzled its last gas. Perhaps you have a new driver in the family, or maybe you just need a second vehicle. Maybe you just want another vehicle. Ok, great! Do you buy new or look for something a bit more broken in? The question at hand, like many in life, is more complex than it first appears.

As you can guess from the title of this article, we argue that going with a used vehicle is the single best bang for your buck in the automotive world. Don't get me wrong, if you have an extra $68,000 for that 2017 Corvette Stingray, by all means go for it! For most of us, however, that is a pipe dream. I think we'll leave that discussion for another article. Let's look at a more reasonable option for the family, shall we?

Repair or Replace?

Should I repair my old vehicle or purchase a new one?

'Is my vehicle worth fixing?' This is a question I hear on an almost daily basis here at the shop. My answer depends on criteria as follows. I will go in depth on each after this list.

  1. What is the physical condition of the vehicle?
  2. If we repair the vehicle, will it be safe on the road, or are there other concerns?
  3. How does the customer intend on using the vehicle?
  4. Does the cost of repairs exceed the value of the vehicle?
  5. Are there any indications that there is an imminent failure on the horizon?

For our first question 'What is the physical condition of the vehicle?' We have to assess the overall condition as it pertains to structure. We examine things like the frame area, if the vehicle has a proper frame, floor boards, engine cradle (again if equipped). If the structure of the vehicle is compromised that will really decrease the safety measures designed into the vehicle, such as crumple zones and cab supports. If these are not in a serviceable state it puts the people riding in the vehicle in significantly more danger in the event of a collision.

Your Repairs: Our Process

Or how I stopped worrying and learned to love My Shop

If you ask most people if they trust their auto repair shop, you will find that only about 50% will say yes. Think about that for a minute. Of all of the vehicle repairs done every week, in the tens of thousands nationwide, only half of those are performed by a trusted source.

To say this information is shocking doesn't quite do it justice. This information leads us down many different paths. Are there that many shops that are doing terrible work and or fraudulent repairs? If so, and as would indicate, people know this information and continue to frequent said facility, why?!? Is this a healthy skepticism, or are some people just never going to fully trust a repair shop? If the former is true that gives me some hope, but if the latter is true it speaks to quite a few very jaded people out there.



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By far the BEST service repair shop! Finding an honest repair shop is hard to find now a days believe me because I have experienced this. This shop is honest and they stand behind their work. I will not go to any other repair shop.
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